Pop! Games
Number in Line
Plants vs. Zombies
Year Released


Zombie is number 1 in Pop! Games. He is from the Plants vs. Zombies franchise.

Background Edit

A Zombie is the most common and the first zombie the player encounters in the Plants vs. Zombies games, but he is very weak. A zombie is very slow and takes 4 seconds for a zombie to walk to the next tile on the lawn to the next one. Every zombies starts with a basic zombie. It takes 10 shots from a plant to kill a zombie or until it's head pops off. When shooting 5 shots at a zombie, it's left arm pops off. He loves eating all kinds of brains like old brains, stinky brains, rotten brains and brains past their prime. He loves eating them any kind of day or night and he's coming for it.

History Edit

References Edit

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