Exclusive limited release Pop!'s are made available at trade shows such as Comic Con, on web shops such as Gemini Collectibles and selected comic book shops.

Identify an Exclusive Pop! Edit

To identify an exclusive Pop!, look for a sticker featured on the outer plastic 'window' of the original box. This sticker is considered a 'sticker of authenticity'.

The sticker may indicate any of the following:

  • The limited number of Pop!s made. Exclusives are commonly made in a limited release of 480 or 1000 units, however this number may vary.
  • Where the Pop! was exclusive to. The most common exclusive location is the annual San Diego Comic Con.
  • The type of exclusivity. It is common for glow in the dark (GITD) Pop!s to feature a separate sticker.

Types of Exclusive Pop! Edit

Exclusives are generally variants of existing Pop!s that offer an alternative look.

Common exclusive variants include:

  • Metallic - a shiny coating of paint on part of or all of the item.
  • Flocked - a furry or fuzzy 'skin' on part of or all of the item.
  • Glow in the dark (GITD) - when exposed to a light source, the item will glow in the dark for a short time. This may apply to part of or all of the item.
  • Black and white - the colour scheme is grayscale instead of colourful. This is usually all of the item, however some have parts of colour.
  • 'Patina' - a bronze, oxidised surface that covers all of the item.
  • Outfits - different shirts or designs.
  • 'Colourways' - the use of a particular colour scheme that differs from the item's usual colour.
  • 'Proto' - an extremely rare prototype that has very little paint detail on it. The final shape and features (like the eyes or hair) are visible, but may not have paint detail on them.

Exclusive Pop! Sizes Edit

Although the common size of 3.75" is used for most exclusive Pop!s, some are made in sizes of 6" and 9". The larger Pop!s may come in any type of it's 3.75" counterpart and this includes metallic, flocked, etc.

Exclusive Pop! List Edit

The following is a list of known exclusive Pop Vinyl bobble heads.