List of Pop! Ad Icons FiguresEdit

Number Pop! Image (150px) Year Released Variant(s) Series
1 Count Chocula Pop! Ad Icons 01 Count Chocula 2010
  1. Metallic
Monster Cereal
2 Franken Berry Pop! Ad Icons 02 Franken Berry 2010
  1. Metallic
Monster Cereal
3 Boo Berry Pop! Ad Icons 03 Boo Berry 2010
  1. Glow in the Dark
  2. Metallic
Monster Cereal
4 Big Boy BigBoyPop 2016 None Bob's Big Boy
5 Bullseye BullseyePop 2016 None Target
6 Fruit Brute PopFruitBrute 2017 None Monster Cereal
7 Yummy Mummy YummyMummyPop 2017 None Monster Cereal
8 Tony the Tiger TonyTigerPop 2017 None Frosted Flakes

References Edit

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