Papa Legbra
Papa Legba
Pop! Television
Number in Line
American Horror Story
Year Released


Papa Legba is number 175 in Pop! Television. He is from the American Horror Story franchise.

Background Edit

Papa Legba is the Gatekeeper of the Spirit World, charged with balancing the scales of life and death, and also the god of travel, opportunity, and luck. Before and after a Voodoo ceremony, he must be called upon to guide the spirits summoned in a ritual back to the spirit world. [1]

History Edit

The American Horror Story Wave 1 Pop!s was released in 2014. Papa Legbra was released along Tate Langdon, Rubber Man, Fiona Goode, Cordelia Foxx, Marie Laveau, Myrtle Snow, and Misty Day.

References Edit

Wave 1
#168: Tate Langdon · #169: Rubber Man · #170: Fiona Goode · #170: "Bloody" Fiona Goode · #171: Cordelia Foxx · #171: Cordelia Foxx (Scarred) · #172: Marie Laveau · #173: Myrtle Snow · #174: Misty Day · #175: Papa Legbra

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