Pop! Uglydoll
Number in Line
Year Released


Ox is number 2 in Pop! Uglydoll. He is from the Uglydoll franchise. This variant is a "GITD" variant of Ox. It is a Chase variant.

Background Edit

Ox likes to hug people with his ears. He is not a very good listener. Ox likes to steal things from other people with his best friend, Wedgehead. He promises to give back the items he steals when he is done. He wants to steal people's hearts the most if you give him a hand, ear, or money.

History Edit

The Uglydoll Pop! line was released in 2012. Ice-Bat was released along with Ice-Bat, Wage, Ninja Batty Shogun, and Little Babo. This chase was released during the Uglydoll Pop! line release.

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