Ninja Batty Shogun
Pop! Uglydoll
Number in Line
Year Released


Ninja Batty Shogun is number 4 in Pop! Uglydoll. He is one of the characters from the Uglydoll brand of plush toys.

Background Edit

Ninja Batty Shogun always wondered why toys have nothing to do with to do with ninjas would add ninjas costumes to their toy lineup of characters. Batty thinks that's kinda "œmeh". Batty likes to fly around at night with his best friend, Ice-Bat. He does up the real dealio in an actual ninja costume. He doesn't use any red flames, stripes or other crazy decorations and even no spelling Ninja with a "œZ" at the end. He is very stealthy and does not like swords because they are sharp.

History Edit

The Uglydoll Pop! line was released in 2012. Ice-Bat was released along with Ice-Bat, Ox, Wage, and Little Babo.

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