Nerd Cthulhu
Pop! Books
Number in Line
Cthulhu: Master Of R'lyeh
Year Released


Nerd Cthulhu is number 3 in Pop! Games. He is from the Cthulhu: Master Of R'lyeh franchise. It is a ECCC 2015 exclusive.

Background Edit

Cthulhu is a fictional monster created by author, H.P. Lovecraft. The monster debuted in the short story, "The Call of Cthulhu" where a cult worships it and waits for its return to Earth. Police Officer Johnathan summons him resulting in his group's deaths. Cthulhu catches them and but explodes after Johnathan rams it with a yacht. The remaining of the group become insane and quickly die.

History Edit

  • Nerd Cthulhu was released as a ECCC 2015 exclusive at the Funko booth.
  • The original Nerd Cthulhu Pop! was originally a [April Fools] joke.