Mr. Meeseeks
Pop! Animation
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Rick and Morty
Year Released


Mr. Meeseeks is number 174 in Pop! Animation. He is from the Rick and Morty franchise.

Background Edit

Mr. Meeseeks is a race of humanoid creatures who share the same name and personality. They are created by a Meeseeks box, and disappear after completing a single task. Meeseeks have the talent to complete complex tasks and them existing is painful to them. They attempt to complete a person's task as quick as possible to disappear. If they go long without completing it, they will start to become insane and murderous while going to insane lengths to complete the task.

History Edit

  • The Funko blog announced the second Rick and Morty Pop!s on February 14, 2017. The second wave released in April 2017.

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