Marty McFly
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Back to the Future
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Marty McFly is number 49 in Pop! Movies. He is from the Back to the Future franchise.

Background Edit

Along with Dr. Emmet Brown, Marty is a main character in the Back to the Future movie trilogy. On October 26, 1985, Marty was told to come to the Twin Pine mall's parking lot with a video camera in his home town of Hill Valley by Doc Brown at precisely 1:15am the next morning. Here he saw the DeLorean Time Machine for the first time and recorded it's first run on video. However, Doc was killed by the Libayans and, attempting to escape his killers in the DeLorean, he went to 88 miles per hour and traveled back to 1955. Here he met the past Doc Brown after accidentally changing his future by making his parents not meet the way they did. Doc Brown helps Marty go back to 1985, but Marty first helps fix his own parent's relationship. Before he leaves, though, he leaves a letter to Doc about his death, telling him to wear a bullet-proof vest to survive the attack. Doc is hesitant to do so but eventually decides to heed Marty's warning in 1985 and survives. As it turns out, Marty not only helped his parents stay together, he actually improved his family's life.

History Edit

  • Marty McFly was released as a Pop! with Dr. Emmet Brown in 2013.

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