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Marceline is number 31 in Pop! Television. She is from the Adventure Time franchise.

Background Edit

Marceline, also known by her full name Marceline Abadeer or her full title name Marceline the Vampire Queen is a vampire and half demon. She is 1,003 years old and one of Finn and Jake's closest friends. When she was 7 years old during the Mushroom War, Simon gave her a little doll named Hambo and journeyed across the ruins of the city. Their friendship ended when Simon turned insane and became the Ice King and Marceline had to escape for her own safety. Simon after that reunited Marceline with her father, Hudson, the ruler of the Nightosphere. Their relationship ended when Hudson ate Marceline's fries at a diner. Marceline spend the time with her dog, Schwabl, staking vampires to protect humans from Simon's vampires. She befriends a tribe of humans and gets bitten by the Vampire King, turing her into the Vampire Queen. She moved into a Tree Fort that would later become Finn and Jake's home with her boyfriend Ash. She later dumped him for selling Hambo to Maja, The Sky Witch. She lived in many different homes to get away from the Ice King before settling at her current home. She likes to lie and show off sometimes. She has the power to take souls from people and gain new powers if she takes the souls of vampires.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Adventure Time Pop!s are labeled as Pop! Television because Pop! Animation didn't start until 2014. Back then, animated shows were classified as television and put in the Television category.
  • This Pop! is based on the appearance of Marceline in the first few seasons. A Pop! was created in a later wave for the current version of Marceline.