Little Babo
Pop! Uglydoll
Number in Line
Year Released


Little Babo is number 5 in Pop! Uglydoll. He is from the Uglydoll franchise.

Background Edit

Little Babo likes to protect people. He has got everyone's back even at the toughest and roughest times. Babo lacks in intelligence but he makes it up with love. He is verybody's best friend. He will stick with anyone to the end and when something scary or bad happens, he will send them a greeting card from wherever it is he runs away to. He is very curious and mischievous. He likes to go to mayn places as possible in a day so that he will learn about guidance and parenting. He likes to stay as home but he puts his cookies and money on the highest shelf because he likes to shop at stores and eat his favorite food, cookies.

History Edit

The Uglydoll Pop! line was released in 2012. Ice-Bat was released along with Ice-Bat, Ox, Wage, and Ninja Batty Shogun.

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