Ice King
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Adventure Time
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Ice King is number 34 in Pop! Television. He is from the Adventure Time franchise.

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Ice King (or formerly known as Simon Petrikov) is a ice wizard who is a villain but is also misunderstood. He likes to kidnap princess (especially Princess Bubblegum). In the first few seasons, he was a antagonist but became a protagonist in later seasons. Before he became the Ice King, Simon was a archaeologist who worked in the Land of Ooo. He bought a strange crown with magic powers from a dock worker. He wore it make his girlfriend, Betty but eventually the crown power took control of him and blacked out having strange visions. He woke up not remembering what happened and realized that Betty left him because she was scared from what happened. After that, Simon started to record his story on VHS tapes. Over time, his body became cold and turned blue. His nose turned pointy and he grew a white beard. The crown started to turn him crazy and twisted his body. After the changes the crown made to him, he became the Ice King as he was not longer a human. Ice King was Marceline's friend and guardian during the Mushroom War before he abandoned her. He saw Marceline crying and gave her a stuffed toy to comfort her. The toy, Hambo would become Marceline's most prized possession until her boyfriend Ash sold the doll to Maja, The Sky Witch. Princess Bubblegum managed to swap the doll with a shirt Marceline gave to her reuniting Hambo. Simon abandoned Marceline on his final film diary for her safety of him becoming insane and turning into the Ice King.

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  • The Adventure Time Pop!s are labeled as Pop! Television because Pop! Animation didn't start until 2014. Back then, animated shows were classified as television and put in the Television category.