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Exclusive Gamestop variant Goofy Knight.

Kingdom Hearts Goofy is the number 263 in Disney Pop! line, and it forms part of the Kingdom Hearts series. This figure is based on Goofy's appearance in the Kingdom Hearts videogame series, where he acts as Captain of the Royal Guard of the Disney Castle. This figure has Goofy's Knight's Shield in his hand.

This figure has a notable difference in Goofy's face, comparing with its original model, making it more lookalike the character.

History Edit

By December 2016, surged rumors pointing that a Kingdom Hearts themed Pop! collection was going to be released the following year.

Finally, in January 24th 2017, the collection was oficially announced at London Toy Fair, consisting in the characters, Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pete. Days later, were announced by a filtrated image Chip and Dale figures, and two exclusive Donald and Goofy figures, that were later revealed as a Magician and Knight variants.

In this collection were notably absent Sora, the protagonist of the game, as well as the other Disney - Square Enix characters.

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