Wave 1

*Pop! Marvel:110 GITD Glitter And Translucent Green Goblin

*DORBZ Ridez:05 Wreck It Raplh Vanellope And Sugar Rush Kart

*Pop! Movies:Scott Pilgrim VS. The World Sex Bob-Omb 3 Pack (Scott Pilgrim, Steve Stills, and Kim Pines

*Pop! Animation:125 The Powerpuff Girls Blossom (First To Market)

*Pop! Animation:126 The Powerpuff Girls Bubbles (First To Market)

*Pop! Animation:127 The Powerpuff Girls Buttercup (First To Market)

*DORBZ:Batman Returns 3 Pack (Batman, Catwoman and The Penguin)

Wave 2

*Pop! Heroes:136 Batman V Superman False God Variant

*DORBZ:Alice Through The Looking Glass 4 Pack (LE 750) (Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Time and Chesire Cat)

*Pop! Animation:Hanna Barbera's Peter Potamus & So So 2 Pack (LE 750 pc)

*Pop! Animation:127 Duck Dodgers GITD Blue (LE 750)

*Pop! Animation:127 Duck Dodgers GITD White (LE 1500)

*ReAction:Dark Crystal Landstrider Box Set

*Pop! Marvel:112 Deadpool Thumbs Up Black And White Deadpool

Wave 3

*Pop! Disney:163 The Haunted Mansion GITD White Ezra (LE 1000)

*Pop! Disney:164 The Haunted Mansion GITD White Gus (LE 1000)

*Pop! Disney:162 The Haunted Mansion GITD White Phineas (LE 1000)

*Pop! Disney:165 The Hanuted Mansion GITD Blue Hatbox Ghost (LE 1000)

*Pop! Movies:331 Willy Wonka & The Choclate Factory Voilet Beauregarde

*Pop! Marvel:161 Doctor Strange Doctor Strange W/ Rune

*Rock Candy:DC Comics News 52 Harley Quinn

Wave 4

*Pop! Disney:208 Pirates Of The Carribean Cursed Barbossa

*Pop! Disney:202 Dug With Cone Of Shame (Toy Tokyo)

*DORBZ:126 Huckleberry Hound (LE 500)

*Pop! Television:354 The Walking Dead Burning Walker

*Pop! Television:Buffy The Vampire Slayer Vampire Buffy And Angel 2 Pack (Toy Tokyo)

*DORBZ:Wreck It Raplh 3 Pack (LE 750) (Raplh, Felix, and Turbo)

*Pop! Ride:24 Ghostbusters (2016) 2016 Red Ecto-1 With Slimer

*Pop! Games:112 Gears Of War Marcus Fenix With Head (LE 1000)

*Pop! Games:112 Gears Of War Marcus Fenix With Head Gold Lancer Variant

Wave 5

*Pop! Animation:136 The Hair Bear Bunch Hair Bear Blue (LE 750)

*Pop! Animation:136 The Hair Bear Bunch Hair Bear Brown (LE 750)

*Pop! Animation:136 The Hair Bear Bunch Hair Bear Purple (LE 750)

*Pop! Heroes:350 Arrow Malcolm Merlyn

*Pop! Disney:205 The Nightmare Before Christmas Pajama Jack

*Pop! Heroes:129 Batman V Superman Doomsday "6

*DORBZ:87 Deadpool Chef Deadpool (LE 1000)

Wave 6

*DORBZ Ridez:09 The Banana Splits Bingo With Ride (LE 300)

*DORBZ Ridez:11 The Banana Splits Snorky With Ride (LE 300)

*DORBZ:Game Of Thrones 3 Pack (White Walker, Hound, and Joffrey)

*Rock Candy:DC Comics Purple Suit Catwoman

*Pop! Marvel:117 Deadpool Cowboy Deadpool (GameStop/EB Games)

*Pop! Games:119 Five Nights At Freddy's Golden Freddy

*Pop! Heroes:353 Gorilla Grodd 6"

*Pop! Ride:01 Batman Classic TV Show Chrome Batmobile With Batman (Toy Tokyo)

Wave 7

*Pop! Disney:207 Pete's Dragon Invisible Elliot And Pete 2 Pack

*Pop! Television:48 Game Of Thrones Mag The Mighty 6"

*Pop! Television:346 iZombie Oliva Moore

*Pop! Animation:139 Peanuts Rock The Vote Snoopy

*DORBZ:Stan Lee Stan Lee

*Pop! Heroes:131 Suicide Squad Underwater Batman

*Book:World Of Pop! Volume 5

Wave 8

*Pop! Ride:59 Freddy Funko In Red Buggy (LE 500)

*Pop! Star Wars:115 Han Solo W/ Chewbacca's Bowcaster

*Pop! Star Wars:116 Thumbs Up BB-8

*DORBZ:X-Men 3 Pack (Wolverine, Ice Man, and Colossus)

*Pop! Disney:199 Indianna Jones Indianna Jones With Idol

More Funko Annoucements

*Pop! Movies:1 Fantasic Beasts And Where To Find Them Newt Scamander

*Pop! Minis:Harry Potter 3 Pack (Cornish Pixie, Mandrake, and Grindylow)

*Pop! Animation:132 Strawberry Shortcake Purple Pieman & Berry Bird (Scented)

*Hikira Classic RWB Captain America (Toy Tokyo) (LE 500)

*DORBZ:Flash Gordon 2 Pack (Toy Tokyo) (Flash Gordon, Emperor Ming the Merciless)

*Pop! Animation:124 Space Ghost Brak (Toy Tokyo)

*Pop! Animation:123 Space Ghost Zorak (Toy Tokyo)

Funko Pop! Up Shop Items

*Freddy Funko SDCC Type Tee (LE 100)

*Freddy Funko Model Kit Tee (LE 100)

*Freddy Funko VS. The World (LE 100)

*Pop! Ad Icons:4 Bob's Big Boy Big Boy (LE 480)

*Pop! Spastik Plastik:1 Amazing Carlos Blue (LE 3000)

*Pop! Spastik Plastik:1 Amazing Carlos Black (LE 480)

*Pop! Spastik Plastik:2 Otto Purple (LE 3000)

*Pop! Spastik Plastik:2 Otto Orange (LE 480)

*Pop! Spastik Plastik:2 Otto Red (LE 480)

*Mega DORBZ:Captain America 18"

Non-Funko Booth SDCC Excluives

*Pop! Heroes:82 Swamp Thing Scented Flocked Swamp Thing (Diamond Comics)

*Pop! Heroes:87 Batman V Superman Patina's Auqaman (Entertainment Earth)

*Pop! Animation:120 Dragonball Z Resurrection 'F' Metallic Lord Beerus (SDCC Funimation Booth)

*Pop! Games:33 Wrole Of Warcraft Spectral Murloc (SDCC Blizzard Booth)

*Pop! Conan O' Brien:5 Superman Conan (Conan O' Brien SDCC Tapings)

*Pop! Conan O' Brien:6 The Joker Conan (Conan O' Brien SDCC Tapings)

*Pop! Conan O' Brien:7 Ghostbuster Conan (Conan O' Brien SDCC Tapings)

*Pop! Conan O' Brien:8 Stormtropper Conan (Conan O' Brien SDCC Tapings)

*Pop! Stan Lee 0:93 Black Suit Stan Lee (Booth 429)

*Pop! Heroes:91 DC Super Heroes White Lantern Firestorm (Fugitive Toys)

*Pop! Heroes:91 DC Super Heroes GITD White Lantern Firestorm (Fugitive Toys)

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