Fred Flintstone
Pop! Animation
Number in Line
The Flintstones
Year Released


Fred Flintstone is number 1 in Pop! Animation. He is from The Flintstones franchise.

Background Edit

Barney Rubble is the husband of Betty and father of their adopted son, Bamm-Bamm. He is the next-door neighbor and best friend of Fred Flintstone. He participates in Fred's schemes to get rich quick because he is his friend even though, he enjoyed his life the way it is. He likes to play poker, bowling, or golf and likes to lounge out in the pool. He likes to tinker around in Fred's garage. Barney has a greater intelligence than Fred, even though he can bumbling. He also likes to play insult jokes on him sometimes. He is caring and devoted to Betty. He is brave, and respectful as a friend.

History Edit

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