Doofus Rick
Pop! Animation
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Rick and Morty
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Doofus Rick is number 140 in Pop! Animation. He is from the Rick and Morty franchise. He is a GameStop exclusive for Black Friday 2016.

Background Edit

Rick Edit

Rick Sanchez is a eccentric mad scientist who is also a alcoholic. He is the father of Beth, and the grandfather of Morty and Summer. His irresponsible behavior lead Beth and her husband, Jerry to worry about Morty's safety. Rick frequently burps when he speaks in the show.

Doofus Rick Edit

Doofus Rick is the Rick of universe J-19 Zeta 7. He has a bowl cut and buck teeth unlike the normal Rick. He is less intelligent than Rick and comes from a universe where people eat their own feces. He is kinder than Rick and befriends Jerry.