Daryl Dixon
Pop! Television
Number in Line
The Walking Dead
Year Released


Daryl Dixon is number 14 in Pop! Television. He is from The Walking Dead franchise.

Background Edit

Daryl Dixon is a southerner, and expert tracker who lives with his older brother, Merle. He has a ill temper and volatility. He is tolerated by Rick Grimes's group of survivors due to his skills in hunting animals and fearless efficiency in killing zombies (or known in the show as Walkers). Daryl begins to shed his aloof personality after the disappearance of Merle and starts to bond with the survivors including, Carol Peletier and Beth Greene. His is the right hand man and protector of Rick and leads supply runs. He is one of the longest running survivors in the show.

History Edit

  • The Walking Dead Wave 1 Pop!s were announced on August 23, 2012. They released in December 2012. Daryl Dixon was released along with Rick Grimes, RV Walker, and Bicycle Girl.

References Edit

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