Catbug (Commander Catbug)
Pop! Animation
Number in Line
Bravest Warriors
Year Released


Commander Catbug is number 25 in Pop! Animation. He is from the Bravest Warriors franchise. He is a Entertainment Earth exclusive.

Background Edit

Catbug is a creature who is half cat and half ladybug. He has a very childish personality and exists in two dimensions, the "normal" dimension and the See-Through Zone, a place where the Courageous Battlers where imprisoned. He is the show's breakout character.

When Beth was shifting through dimensions in the episode, "Hammer Priest", one of the dimensions was a universe ruled by Catbug. He is very rude and demanding and likes to drink from his mug called "Big O'l Beer".

History Edit

  • Commander Catbug was released on the Entertainment Earth website in 2016.

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