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Blinky is number 83 in Pop! Games. He is from the PAC-MAN franchise.

Background Edit

Blinky (Japanese: ブリンキー Blinky) is the leader of the ghosts and the arch-enemy of Pac-Man. He chases Pac-Man constantly, and is hard to shake once he starts. He is known to have a short temper, and is good friends with Inky, Pinky and Clyde. While originally the main antagonist in the first Pac-Man arcade game, his role has largely been diminished to secondary antagonist or an ally in recent incarnations, though he is still considered the series de-facto main antagonist in remakes of the first game and by older fans.

History Edit

  • PAC-MAN Pop!s were announced on the Funko blog on Januray 26, 2016. They released in March 2016.

References Edit

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