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Birdperson is number 176 in Pop! Animation. He is from the Rick and Morty franchise.

Background Edit

Birdperson is a Rick's best friend. He has a deep respect for Rick and offers Morty insight when Morty considers king something that would ruin his and Rick's friendship. At one point, he was in a band with Rick and Squanchy as freedom fighters against the Galactic Federation. In the episode, "Wedding Squanchers", Birdperson marries his girlfriend, Tammy but is killed after she reveals that she is a undercover agent for the Galactic Federation sent to capture Rick and his friends. Birdperson is now turned into a cyborg, Phoenix Person by the Federation.

History Edit

  • The Funko blog announced the second Rick and Morty Pop!s on February 14, 2017. The second wave released in April 2017.

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